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ManualRepair HistoryInfoTo Do ListCosts Galaga_Manual Manufacturer: NamcoYear: 1981Type: Videogame Good PCB Repair Info:...

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Some Useful Microsoft SQL commands

This command will rebuild the index on the database you select in the query window Exec sp_MSforeachtable “Print ‘?’ DBCC DBREINDEX (‘?’)” Go *Edit: the above command is depreciated. I found a...

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Files Blocked After Install

I downloaded a portable version of a program called Captura.  After extracting the files all of the files have a security block on them.  If you right click on a file and go to properties it will look like this: All files in the...

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HP Printer 1606dn Smart Install Issue

When plugging in this printer it defaults to using the Smart Install which means it mounts a drive with the needed drivers to install the printer. The problem with this is the newer version of Windows 10 blocks the install.  To...

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