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How to Setup the ISLE Inventory System

I really liked this software and wanted to get it going on a lamp server instead of using vagrant scotchbox.  I did this in a test environment so you may want to use another user instead of root in a production environment....

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Hyper-V Core Powershell Commands

Handy if your virtual machine domain controller is not started and you can phycially login to the Hyper-v server. Get-VM Lists your virtual machines Start-VM “Name” Starts the vm Stop-VM “Name” Stops the...

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Basic MySQL Commands to Know

Some handy commands for MySQL: mysql -u root -p will login to mysql as root and prompt for the password show databases; will list the databases that exist use databasename; Switches to the database name show tables; lists the...

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Linux Turnkey Expand Partition

The virtual machines downloaded from seem to be LVM partitions which I am unfamiliar with.  When using Gparted expanding the turnkey partition did nothing in the OS.  Prior to this you do need to...

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