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Adobe Reader DC Opening Slow

After install the first time I opened adobe it opened quickly and normal.  Every time after that opening adobe was painfully slow.  Here is the regedit key I changed and it now open quickly....

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Nice Video on how SSL works: Hearbleed bug comic explanation: Cryptography allow for Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication, and Non-repudiation (sender can’t deny having sent it).  It allow...

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Threat Agents

Assets: Physical Devices Software Data Trade Secrets Employees Threat Agents can damage the above: Fires Floods Tornadoes Hackers Malware To mitigate risks ask these questions: What are the critical Assets? What business...

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Use Clonezilla for GPT partitions to smaller HDD

Clonezilla is handy to copy everything from your old hard drive to a smaller SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) Overview: Resize old larger HDD Run a scan/repair on the old HDD Use Clonezilla in expert mode to copy the partitions Put...

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