To Setup DKIM on a domain in cpanel in Godaddy

Login to Cpanel and on the left scroll down to DNS Functions click edit DNS zone click on the domain you want to see the records for find default._domainkey and copy the record (it will be a very long string of characters) paste it into notepad and you will need to...

How to Refresh AD Groups without Reboot

When adding a user to a group in AD to give them access to files on a storage server typically you need to reboot or log out/in to gain access to the share. I need to test further but looks like these two commands will refresh your access without relogging in or...

Free DMARC Analyzing

This looks like a promising option to analyze DMARC reports for free.  I need to try this out:

Thin Client Software to Try Out

I downloaded the vhdx virtual machine file for Hyper-v for this software and looks promising but have not tried it out yet: Download This options looks like a more involved setup but still looks like a nice option:...

Mesh Central 2

This is a nice self hosted and secure way to manage computers: