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Arcade Monitor Blotchy Colors

I had a game that the colors would not look right on it at all for some reason. It had a K7000 chassis board and I tried two different ones that are known to be good. Here is what it looked like: The fix was finally I found out...

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PS4 Reinstall System Software

I plan to make a video on this someday… Things you will need: USB Flash Drive 4GB or larger (can probably get away with a 2GB) Replacement Hard Drive (or the one already inside) Computer to download and load the file onto...

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Links to vendors I have ordered from that have good products: – Great for monitor molex connectors, Flyback transformers and capacitors – Bulk prize...

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SQL Find and Replace for Intuitive 9.0

With Intuitive ERP 9.0 there is no way in the interface to update your server attachment links to a new server location. I ran the following script on a demo database and it changed all the links: UPDATE MediaItem Set MEI_Path =...

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Recover Files from Android

This looked promising. I did not get to look into it much at all yet so I don’t know if free or paid

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Neo Geo Video Issue

More to come as I document the process. Looks like the battery had corroded away the traces for Pin 19 and 22 for me. There is still a fault somewhere as there are very slight traces of lines still in the image. I am hoping it...

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