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PS4 Reinstall System Software

I plan to make a video on this someday… Things you will need: USB Flash Drive 4GB or larger (can probably get away with a 2GB) Replacement Hard Drive (or the one already inside) Computer to download and load the file onto...

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Links to vendors I have ordered from that have good products: – Great for monitor molex connectors, Flyback transformers and capacitors – Bulk prize...

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SQL Find and Replace for Intuitive 9.0

With Intuitive ERP 9.0 there is no way in the interface to update your server attachment links to a new server location. I ran the following script on a demo database and it changed all the links: UPDATE MediaItem Set MEI_Path =...

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Recover Files from Android

This looked promising. I did not get to look into it much at all yet so I don’t know if free or paid

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Neo Geo Video Issue

More to come as I document the process. Looks like the battery had corroded away the traces for Pin 19 and 22 for me. There is still a fault somewhere as there are very slight traces of lines still in the image. I am hoping it...

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Use Office365 Web Mail in QuickBooks

I have the latest Office 2016 that supports modern authentication however for some reason QuickBooks is ONLY trying basic authentication. (I did update from Office 2007 so maybe something is lingering from the old configuration)...

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Enable SMTP Auth in Office365

SMTP AUTH uses App passwords which can be created from this link: For an easy way to enable SMTP AUTH go here Expand...

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Samsung WF448AAP/XAA Washer Repair

Click Here for the Manual This washer keeps giving an error that it can’t drain and to check the filter. Here are the steps I have tried: I checked the filter and it was very clogged so I washed it out and it worked for a...

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Create a Custom Image of Windows 10

First you need to decide if you want only a custom image or do you want multiple image options to choose from. What you will need: One USB flash drive formatted to NTFS to hold your custom image Windows 10 DVD or Bootable Flash...

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Silent Install QuickBooks

I am going to walk through on how to silently remote install QuickBooks. As of this writing I am using QuickBooks 2021 Enterprise. First Download Quickbooks 2021 from here Once downloaded right click the file and check the box...

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