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Links to vendors I have ordered from that have good products: – Great for monitor molex connectors, Flyback transformers and capacitors – Bulk prize...

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Neo Geo Video Issue

More to come as I document the process. Looks like the battery had corroded away the traces for Pin 19 and 22 for me. There is still a fault somewhere as there are very slight traces of lines still in the image. I am hoping it...

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Area 51

Manual Area51 Info Manufacturer: AtariYear: 1995Monitor: K7000 Costs Game: $250 Wood for back: $1 Total: $251 Pics coming...

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Golden Tee

I did some work for someone with a Golden Tee unknown year. After several tests his motherboard was sent in for repair wish I remember the site. I did have this from the site:

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Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Manual T2_Judgement_Day_Manual Info Manufacturer: MidwayYear: 1991 Costs Game: $284 Nothing yet Total: $284 Bought this with a group of games. Has some corrupt memory...

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Street Fighter 2

Manual Street Fighter II Champion Edition Instruction Manual Info Manufacturer: CapcomYear: 1991 Costs Game: $175 CGA to VGA Adapter: $18 LCD Conversion kit: $21...

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Police Trainer

Manual Police Trainer Manual Info Manufacturer: P&P marketingYear: 1997 Costs Game: $100 Happ Universal Optical Light Gun Board Type I: $56 74F32D Chip: $9 Marquee:...

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