Category: Linux

Add User to Sudo Group

Login as root and run this command(change username): usermod -aG sudo username Reference:  

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Repair Linux Boot Issue

I had an install of Debian that would not boot anymore so I went through the following steps to reinstall GRUB I didn’t have a live CD of Debian so I used Linux Mint however the steps should be similar in Debian Boot Live...

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Clone SD Card or Flash Drive

A quick command to clone a SD card (not tested on flash drive but should work): Note: Your iso image will be as large as your SD card/Flash drive. View the Compressed Clone Image section below if you need a smaller file. cat...

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Penetration Testing

A while back I was tasked with some penetration testing. I plan to put a collection of what I did here. I use Kali Linux for my testing. nmap Here is an example of a command to scan for any open ports on network nmap...

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How to test SMTP communication

Here is a good website to test and make sure your DNS records are set correctly: A good way to test an email server on windows is to install telnet then connect to the mail server you want to test telnet...

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Firewalld and iptables

On CentOS 7 it looks like firewalld creates iptables rules even though iptables does not seem to be installed. the iptables command works however the service is not installed when trying systemctl status iptables the result says...

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Linux Commands

To find the file size of a folder cd to the folder you want then run this command: du -h It will go through each folder and file showing the size then at the end it will have a total To Delete a folder and all files inside...

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