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Windows 10 not Booting MBR Disk

After cloning a disk I could not boot into windows on the new disk. I followed some instructions that I should not of and deleted Partition 0 which contains the boot files. I tried the following commands with no luck: bootrec...

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How to test SMTP communication

Here is a good website to test and make sure your DNS records are set correctly: A good way to test an email server on windows is to install telnet then connect to the mail server you want to test telnet...

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Files Blocked After Install

I downloaded a portable version of a program called Captura.  After extracting the files all of the files have a security block on them.  If you right click on a file and go to properties it will look like this: All files in the...

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Check Hard Drive Health

On Windows I open CMD and type chkdsk /r Then restart For linux: To check logs and health sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda To do a short scan: sudo smartctl -t short /dev/sda To view the results: sudo smartctl -l selftest /dev/sda I...

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For example lets say I have a machine named rouge-01 and I create a CNAME DNS entry in the domain controller for testrouge If I browse to \\testrouge on machine rouge-01 this comes up To fix this open regedit and go here:...

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SQL Server Database Log Full

To fix this problem, change Recovery Model to Simple then Shrink Files Log 1. Database Properties > Options > Recovery Model > Simple 2. Database Tasks > Shrink > Files > Log Reference:...

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