• Game not playing at the moment (Going to replace power supply with a Universal one)
    • Suggested on forum:

The smaller connector feeds AC voltage from the transformer to the power supply board. Don’t mess with this connector. The larger connector is the DC voltage….

Orange wires = 12VDC
Red wires = 5VDC
All other wires go the gnd (yellow, yellow/black, yellow/white, yellow/violet, white/green…I think that’s it)….EXCEPT for the solid white wire. The solid white wire is the supply voltage for the coin meter (I always leave it unconnected). The schematics lists it as 7.2 volts….I’ve never actually checked it to see what the voltage is. I guess if you wanted to keep the coin meter…..check the coin meter and see what voltage it’s rated at. It’s usually stamped on it’s housing. Supply voltage accordingly.

Reference: https://forums.arcade-museum.com/threads/galaga-help-power-supply-pinouts-or-other-help-needed.96459/

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I know the owners that picked up a Galaga for a good price.  It played once but now the game does not display.  I suspect a power supply issue however I am not certain yet.